Our Services
Smog Check
We provide smog testing as well as diagnostics and repairs if your vehicle doesn't pass its inspection. If we do the repairs on your vehicle, we will re-inspect it for only the cost of the certificate, $8.25. We also Smog Diesels.

DMV required Brake and Lamp Certification
We perform the Brake and Lamp inspection required by the DMV if your vehicle has been in a major accident, is a theft recovery, or out of state inspection.

Computer Diagnostics
Is your Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light on? We can diagnose it as well as repair it properly.

We can inspect your brake system and let you know what needs to be repaired to get your brake system into proper working order including Anti-Lock Brake System.

Engine Repair
Whether it is minor or major repairs on your engine from oil leaks to complete overhaul we will provide you with a great job.

Suspension and Steering
Regardless of the type of suspension you have, we can get you going back in the right direction from ball joints, bushings, tie rod ends and more. We also service and repair steering columns power steering pumps and steering gears too.

Timing Belts
Most manufactures recommend replacement between 60,000 and 105,000 miles. If the belt breaks you could suffer major engine damage at a substantial cost. Let us replace it before it breaks.

Cooling System Diagnosis and Repair
Does your vehicle run warmer than it used too? Does it overheat? We can fix that for you. From water-pumps to radiators. Whatever your car needs to get it back where it belongs. We are here for you!

We also service transmissions, both Automatic and Manual. We also do clutches.

Is your differential noisy? We have experience in repairing them from simple fluid changes to gear and bearing replacements.

Electrical Diagnosis and Repair
From the simple bulb being out to complex short circuits we can trace down your problem and get it fixed right.

Maintenance Services
We provide oil changes, tune-ups, and all maintenance services your vehicle requires.

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